Ballroom Dancing Instruction
with Marie and Tom Osterland




Who Are We?




















Who Are We?

Marie and Tom have been dancing together for twenty-five years and competing in American-style ballroom dancing for eleven years.  They have won 7 Northeast Region Senior USA Dance Championships in both American Smooth and Rhythm styles. They have won championships in three other regions and were 2009 national finalists in both styles. Marie and Tom teach ballroom dancing in group classes and private settings by apppointment. Contact them for the latest schedules and other information.

Please call 781-659-1292 or email us.



Dancing is social, fun and way more enjoyable than working out on a treadmill!

Dancing burns the same calories as walking, swimming, or riding a bicycle. 

Dancers have improved balance, flexibility, muscle tone, posture, and a general feeling of well-being from increased endorphin production.
Dance to Live!