Ballroom Dancing Instruction
with Marie and Tom Osterland




Who Are We?








     Group Classes Covering Basics of Ballroom

                American Smooth and Rhythm styles


                              Drop-in: $15.00 per person per class


        Five-hour Lesson Series: $60.00 per person

                         Please see our scheduling policy below. 



Partners are preferred but not required.

register before the start of each session.  Classes will be cancelled if too few students register.  We would also like to be able to notify you of a cancellation in case of inclement weather.  Tuition by cash or check is due by the first class of each session. 


Scheduling Policy:  We hope you make all your lessons as that is how you will achieve the most benefit from the course.  We always review at the beginning of each class so if you must miss a class we will help you catch up.  Lessons are sold by the course in order to ensure that we can pay the hall rental, and other expenses.


We recognize that life sometimes gets in the way of our dancing.  If you let us know that you will be unable to attend a class by phone or email, we will credit you for the class at the end of the series.  No compensation will be offered if you don't let us know in advance.

     Private Lessons by Appointment

                Work on technique and material beyond the scope of Group Class

              Wedding preparation: 
                     Your special dance to your special song; 
                     group lessons for the wedding party and parents.


$70.00 per hour


         "Six-pack": Six 1-hour Private Lessons $390.00

                Payment is due at the time of the first lesson.


           �Accelerator� Package:

                        5 Group Lesson Series plus

                        2 Hours Private Instruction

                               Couple ($260 value)....................... $225

                                       Single ($200 value)........................   $175